Our Bespoke Service

Soley’s reputation and the heart of the company is based upon its use of fine exquisitely cut gemstones, traditional craftsmanship and elegant timeless designs; with many of the worlds leading luxury jewellers commissioning collections or individual objects d’Art over the last century.

We are highly regarded for our stone led craftsmanship with artisans following the unique curve of each and every facet in order to bring out the natural beauty of the stone and achieve exceptional elegance and luminosity with their expertise. Each stone is as unique as is its wearer.

We can design and create are far as your imagination allows, creating heirlooms that endure for generations to come.

By utilizing the latest laser and cad/cam technologies alongside centuries honed skills, and as members of the British Jewellery Association, The Gemological Associations of Great Britain and the GIA we have a wealth of expertise to achieve all your dreams and requirements.

We look forward to creating your very own ‘Unique Dream’.

To discuss your requirements please contact us for an appointment, your local jeweller or one of our many stockist.

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